Organizational Picture

Management Team

The manager of the company is set up as one general manager, two deputy general managers and three associates. Their titles and powers are as follows:

  • Chairman: Mr. Wu Xinhong, major academic experience: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Donghai University, Manager and Director of Taihua Co., Ltd., General Manager and Vice Chairman of Sanfu Gas Co., Ltd.
  • General Manager: Mr. Cai Jierong. Major Master of Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, Director of Sanfu Gas (Shares) Co., Ltd., General Manager of Sanfu Gas (Shares) Co., Ltd., responsible for the implementation and coordination of the management of the company, personnel planning and responsibility Safety, planning, use, integration and implementation of electronic information.
  • Senior Deputy General Manager: Mr. Su Tianbao, responsible for specialization business unit and mainland investment business.
  • Deputy General Manager: Mr. Wang Yaoming, responsible for the Chemicals Division, Research and Development Division and GSS.
  • Associate of Precision Chemicals Division: Mr. Zhuang Fuqin, responsible for the sales and resale of special chemicals in the electronics industry.
  • Associate of the Engineering Department: Mr. Huang Junxi, responsible for sales, procurement and execution of the equipment and materials department.
  • Spokesperson and Associate of Financial Accounting Department: Mr. Chen Junyu, responsible for explaining the financial business information/financial planning, fund management and dispatching/accounting settlement operations, share operations and management report analysis of the company disclosed to investors, shareholders and stakeholders. And budget operation planning, revision, etc.