San Fu Chemical Analytical Laboratory

San Fu Chemical Analytical Laboratory

San Fu Chemical’s analytical laboratory adheres to the quality concepts of striving for truth, accuracy, efficiency and professionalism, follows ISO 17025 standard requirements, ensures the effectiveness of the management system and continuously improves management system operations to comply with customer and legal requirements. By improving the professional and analytical skills of our quality control personnel, our quality control analysis can make further progress towards the goal of quality first.

Holding the belief that quality is the lifeblood of a company, San Fu Chemical has implemented systematized quality management. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, San Fu Chemical has invested substantial funds in the construction of the analytical laboratory and related improvements to become the first chemical company in Taiwan to receive Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation (CNLA).

This is a certification procedure to openly and formally recognize the specific calibration / testing / medical laboratory capabilities of a laboratory. Calibration / testing / medical laboratory capabilities act as the basis to satisfy the certification standards. The open and formal recognition method is issuance of certification sheet and entry on the list of accredited laboratories. A number of TAF certifications provide customers with professional and reliable inspection quality.


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