About Us

San Fu from Localization to Internationalization ; from Self-sustenance to Altruistic Willingness

In 1952, San Fu Group launched its business in Banqiao, producing food-additive chemicals with self-developed production technology.

With our dedicated effort for more than half a century, we have grown from a small plant to an international conglomerate with annual revenue over NT$20 billion. Based in Taiwan, San Fu represents an aggressive group of several subsidiaries and affiliates in Europe, America, South East Asia, China and Hong Kong. We are also prepared to provide our customers with a wide spectrum of offerings, especially high-tech specialty chemicals, beverage and food, etc. San Fu Group, committed to being the best business partner for customers , always adheres to its core values ​​- Innovation, Integrity and Simplicity.

In order to move forward to a professional goal, Sanfu Chemical was officially divided into two companies. They were Sanfu Chemical and Air Product Sanfu which operated independently in October 2003. Nowadays, there are 300 employees in Sanfu Chemical with an annual revenue of approximately NT $4 billion. Main products and services cover the electronics industry, including wet chemicals, equipment, and operation required by IC semiconductors, LCD, touch panels, LED, solar panels and other industries; etching and thinning of glass, foundry of polishing fluids, food Additives, food materials, and basic chemicals such as pHBA, cyclohexylamine, dicyclohexylamine, etc.

The target of products growth is 15% each year. In quality, production, and service aspects, we keep improving and expect to be the best partner for customers.


  • Sanfu Chemical Co., Ltd.
    • (Founded in 1952 (Manufacturing and marketing specialty chemicals, electronic chemicals and food additives. Operating two production plants located at Tainan, Kaohsiung and operating some overseas offices at Shanghai and other major cities throughout the world)
  • San Fu Global Investment Co., Ltd.
  • San Fu Gas Co., Ltd.Link
    • (The largest gas and related equipment manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan; a joint venture company with Air Products & Chemicals Inc. (U.S.A.) in 1987)
  • Fu Lu Cultural Foundation (An institution for local cultural preservation)
  • Beitou Folk Arts Museum (Exhibition of ancestor relics)Link
  • Fangda Charity (Engaged in charity and public welfare)
  • International Nitto Technology Company


  • Zhong Hua Fang Da Ltd.Link
    • Established in 1989 at Hong Kong
    • A leading manufacturer of cyclamates and aspartame. Setting up production plants at Shenzhen (Guangdong), Yangquan (Shanxi) and Yixing (Jiangsu) in China. Major clients are Pepsi and Coca-Cola etc.
  • Sanfuming Electronic Material Co., LTD
  • Hubei Xing fu Electronic Material Co., Ltd.
  • Hangzhou Greenda Chemical Co., Ltd.Link

Value Concept

In accordance with our sturdy conviction such as, integrity, ,and simplicity that we want to be the best partner of enterprise. We uphold "take from society, and give back to society".  San Fu Group also dedicates itself to charities with the aim of fulfilling its commitment to preservation of local culture as well as promotion of benevolence.

Employee Training

With the effort of excellent researchers and engineers, San Fu will stress on elevation of product added values by developing innovative goods and improving production processes. San Fu, in addition to the core activities, is also engaged in specialty chemicals offerings to accommodate the rapid expansion of Taiwan's IC and LCD industries. Furthermore, the Company creates derivatives derived from the vertical integration of raw materials for its current products and its affiliates' to maximize economic benefits.

San Fu Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded early in 1952. Following a joint venture in 1987 between San Fu's gas sector and Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (U.S.A.), the revenue has already reached beyond NT$20 billion. Based on San Fu good traditions and excellent employees, the spin-off will carry on its inherent core values to help lower costs, increase production volumes as well as enhance product quality and competitiveness for industries.

Verified by ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Our company embraces a quality policy of customer satisfaction, employee pride and company excellence. By establishing a standardized system and drawing upon the collective efforts of our employees, our company has been able to improve quality to meet customer requirements and upgrade company competitiveness. At present, San Fu Chemical has two factories located in Tainan and Kaohsiung which have both received ISO-9001 quality certification. As part of our total dedication and commitment, San Fu Chemical strives to offer superior products and enthusiastic comprehensive service which fully satisfies customer requirements, helps to achieve customer sales targets and proves that our company is a business partner worthy of trust.

Analytical Laboratory

San Fu Chemical’s analytical laboratory adheres to the quality concepts of striving for truth, accuracy, efficiency and professionalism, follows ISO 17025 standard requirements, ensures the effectiveness of the management system and continuously improves management system operations to comply with customer and legal requirements. By improving the professional and analytical skills of our quality control personnel, our quality control analysis can make further progress towards the goal of quality first.

Holding the belief that quality is the lifeblood of a company, San Fu Chemical has implemented systematized quality management. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, San Fu Chemical has invested substantial funds in the construction of the analytical laboratory and related improvements to become the first chemical company in Taiwan to receive Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation (CNLA).

This is a certification procedure to openly and formally recognize the specific calibration / testing / medical laboratory capabilities of a laboratory. Calibration / testing / medical laboratory capabilities act as the basis to satisfy the certification standards. The open and formal recognition method is issuance of certification sheet and entry on the list of accredited laboratories.

Verified by ISO 22000 & HACCP Food Safety Management

San Fu Chemical’s food safety policy is “conformance with food safety regulations, strive to improve product quality and ensure customer satisfaction and trust.” The food safety management system has been established, implemented, maintained and continuously improved by following food safety management system requirements, the company’s food safety policy and process-oriented management techniques to guarantee safe use of the company’s products by customers and comply with related government food laws and regulations.

Being affiliated with the food industry, San Fu Chemical must manufacture food products in a sincere and conscientious manner and provide customers and consumers with safe and healthy products. For our food related products, San Fu Chemical has gone beyond the scope of government policy and regulations by establishing our own food safety management system and applying for ISO22000 and HACCP system certification. From production site improvement to management system planning and implementation, San Fu Chemical has established itself as a successful model in related industries.


Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health Management System Verification
Adhere to the safety and health act, prevent occupational injuries and diseases, and continue to improve.

Workplace Safety
Assess workplace safety risks, eliminate workplace hazards, and implement preventive measures to prevent accidents.

Preparing for Strain
The company establishes contingency plans and response procedures for natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods and other accidents.

Occupational Injuries and Diseases
Conduct regular health checks on employees. A set of procedures and systems for reporting, disposing, and counseling is needed for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Workplace Hygiene
For the chemicals and other items in contact, it is necessary to establish management methods and manage workplace hygiene to prevent scattering or spread.

Labor Work
For long periods of heavy labor, you must prepare the necessary personal protective equipment and provide appropriate rest.

Mechanical Safety
For production equipment and other mechanical devices, appropriate safety measures must be implemented, interlocking or fences, and normal maintenance is required.

Workplace Environment
Staff quarters and eating areas should be kept clean and safe.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Management System Verification
Everyone complys with the Environmental law, prevents and controls the pollution.

Pollution Prevention
Pollution measures reduces waste energy and natural resource.

Harmful Substance
We needs to be properly disposed of, stored,and recycled hazardous chemicals or other substances to protect human health and the environment.

Waste Water and Solid 
Monitor treatment and discharge of sewage, supervise the waste route and treat solid waste to protect the environment.

Air Pollutant Emissions
Reduce combustion gas emissions to prevent air pollution from operations.

Product Contains Substance
All chemical products need to be applied to the laws and regulations.

Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) will decrease.