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12 Nov, 2019
The 2019 TCSA Awards Winners are Announced
26 Mar, 2019
31 Jan, 2019
The 2018 TCSA Awards Winners are Announced
22 Apr, 2018
Sanfu established a Subsidiary in Vietnam
In order to open up overseas territory and layout the ASEAN market, the board of directors of Sanfuhua (4755) Announcement Division passed the investment case in Vietnam. The company is 100% directly invested in the establishment of a Vietnamese subsidiary (VinaSanfu Gas Corporation/VinaSanfu Materials Corporation) and is expected to invest $18.39 million in its own funds. Sanfuhua's precision chemistry business is dominated by four major industries: IC Semiconductor, LCD, LED, and Green Energy. Optimistic about Vietnam's industrial demand, Sanfuhua has planned to copy the gas business experience, and cooperate with local manufacturers to set up a gas business in Vietnam. In response to the rise of China's panel factory, Sanfuhua will continue to use Sanfuming to cut into the new supply chain of China's major panel manufacturers. In addition, with the trend of environmental protection regulations, the demand for chemical waste liquid recycling will increase significantly, which will help the developer recycling business to climb steadily.
22 Apr, 2018
Received the Innolux Optoelectronics Supplier Green Partner Award
Taiwan’s air pollution problem is serious. Sanfu Chemical responded to the Innolux Education Foundation and the global upstream and downstream supply chain to jointly fight air pollution. More than 200 companies participated in this activity, witnessed by the Science and Technology Bureau and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Efforts have been made to make Nanke Park the first air quality maintenance area in the country. Nanke Park has flourished in recent years and has continued to attract 200 large-scale technology companies. Compared with 2008, it has increased by 63%. Relatively, to maintain the air quality of the park, the Science and Technology Bureau is duty-bound. Nanwei Park Director Lin Weicheng said that Nanke Park has promoted the use of clean fuel and air pollution control equipment to adopt BACT, but the park will not be satisfied with this, and will call on the park technology factory to take the lead in responding to the "air quality maintenance area". Diesel vehicles of manufacturers and their contractors must obtain the self-management mark for exhaust smoke from September. The Anti-Air Pollution Supplier Conference invited Professor Qiu Hongyi from the Department of Public Health of Taipei Medical University to analyze the health risks and health costs of air pollution. Professor Qiu Hongyi pointed out that GBD International Journal combined with all forms of pollution statistics in 2016, air pollution caused global cardiovascular disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and lung cancer patients increased, there are clear facts. Professor Qiu said that the 2018 Epidemiology journal published an air pollution-induced rheumatoid arthritis, 2018 Environmental. The Journal of Pollution published an empty pollution that caused chronic kidney disease, which caused widespread discussion among public health scholars around the world. Professor Qiu Hongyi pointed out that there is no research on the health costs of air pollution in Taiwan. He called on the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Environmental Protection Agency to work together to conduct a large-scale air pollution health risk study with the academic community as soon as possible, especially in Taiwan. It is imperative to understand the seriousness of air pollution to the health of the people. At the same time, Sanfu Chemical was also awarded the Green Partner Award of Innolux Photovoltaic Supplier. Sanfu Chemical and Innolux jointly developed the resin and electrolytic recycling treatment method of adsorption TMAH, which is the first TMAH recycling technology in the country and no longer affects the ammonia nitrogen content of water! Innolux has 20,000 metric tons of material, more than 11,000 tons of carbon, and the benefits are as high as 438 million yuan! Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sanfu Chemical, Wu Xinhong, said that everyone believes that chemical industry is a highly polluting industry. Sanfu Chemical publicly discloses energy conservation and carbon reduction performance in the CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
29 Mar, 2018
Q3 Operation is Expected to Increase in Season, Q4 Panel Visibility is Optimistic in Peak Season
Temporary article Although the third quarter out of the downstream food and beverage customers in the peak season, but due to the steady growth of orders for precision chemicals, led Sanfuhua's third quarter single-season revenue to 1.046 billion yuan, an annual increase of 10%, a quarterly increase of 7%, gross profit margin On the other hand, as the semiconductor customer's developer recycling equipment maintains a high-end rate, it is optimistic that Sanfuhua's third-quarter gross profit margin will still be comparable to the previous quarter (21%), and profit is expected to surpass the previous quarter (after tax) Net profit of 101 million yuan) performance. As for the fourth quarter, San Fuhua pointed out that the panel customers can continue until the Christmas season, which is still optimistic about the performance of orders in the fourth quarter. Although there is no new developer recycling equipment this year, the customers will continue next year. There is an expansion plan, and there is still a chance to cooperate with the customer in the new factory next year. Sanfu Chemical, which was officially listed in 2012, can be divided into two major businesses: precision chemicals, which supply chemicals for panel, semiconductor, LED, and solar industry processes, account for about 65% of revenue, while food additives are the mainstay. Basic chemicals account for about 35%; precision chemicals account for the highest proportion of panels, accounting for 60%, semiconductors and solar energy each account for 1 to 20%, and LEDs account for single digits. At present, Sanfuhua has three subsidiaries, Sanfuming Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., which owns 50% of shares with Hubei Xingfu Electronics, and Sanfu Biotech, which represents DuPont's biotechnology products. In the third quarter of the operating results, Sanfu Chemical's basic chemicals out of the downstream customer beverage season, the revenue decreased slightly compared with the previous quarter, but still flat at the same period last year, while the demand for precision chemicals this year is steady growth In the third quarter of Sanfuhua, the single-quarter revenue came to 1.046 billion yuan, an annual increase of 10%, and a quarterly increase of 7%. In terms of profit, the legal person pointed out that due to the good operation of semiconductor customers, the recovery rate of the developer recovery equipment was It also continued to be high-end. We are optimistic that Sanfuhua's gross profit margin is still high-end performance comparable to that of the previous quarter (21%). The profitability of the single season is expected to grow again compared with the previous quarter (net profit after tax of 101 million yuan). As for the current operating conditions in the fourth quarter, San Fuhua pointed out that because the panel customers' peak season usually lasts until Christmas, it is still optimistic about the current order visibility. Although there is no new developer recycling equipment customer this year, there are existing customers. There will still be plans to expand the plant next year, and there will be opportunities to cooperate in the new factory of the customer. As for the basic chemicals, Sanfuhua will build a new plant in Liuying in response to food regulations. This new factory specializes in supplying Sanfu Biotechnology. As well as the needs of customers in the food industry, FDA certification is still being applied for biotechnology products. The actual contribution will be concrete results until next year. Looking back at the operating performance of Sanfuhua this year, in the first half of this year, although the developer recycling equipment project was not recorded in the first half of this year, the revenue was 1.879 billion yuan, and the annual reduction was about 3.5%. The gross profit margin is about 17%, which is similar to the gross profit margin in the fourth quarter of last year. It is mainly affected by the short-term high oil price and the higher raw material prices, which is slightly lower than the normal gross profit margin of the company by 18%~20%. See the exclusion, and the increase in the recovery rate of the developer recycling equipment led to 21%, which also led to the growth of Sanfuhua's profit. The net profit after tax in the first half of the year was 174 million yuan, an annual increase of 14%, and EPS 1.92 yuan.